Successful sales representatives, or any customer-facing professionals, understand that practicing before giving a presentation, increases their effectiveness. Erticulate provides them the ease and convenience to record their practice presentation with the supporting slides they uploaded. The practice session can then be shared with mentors within the organization.



Leaders and mentors review these practice presentations and provide thorough feedback. Feedback can be entered into the recorded timeline as well as within the Erticulate Feedback System, based on scientific research in the field of effective communication.



The Erticulate Feedback System is designed to improve every aspect of the presentation. The pluralistic notes from various experts and leaders in the organization are consolidated into an easily digestible feedback panel, which accelerates the learning and improvement rate of the sales and other customer-facing representatives.


Drive More Sales

Top performing organizations leverage a structured and measurable approach to training and practice. The Erticulate platform provides your entire organization the methodology and the means to improve the presentation preparation process. Measuring these efforts at scale dramatically improve sales.

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