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The Erticulate Platform allows sales reps to record themselves practicing a presentation and then seamlessly route that recording to mentors for feedback and star ratings. All feedback is consolidated into one view for the presenter to easily digest. Erticulate leverages principles of gamification and social sharing to drive adoption and build community. For corporate customers, Erticulate will eventually leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to best understand our customers’ correlation between practice and sales growth.

Getting started is simple. We offer a free trial for 14 days. To start practicing, simply fill out the form below or click the Intercom circle in the lower right. An Erticulate support technician will set up your account within 24 hours. If you know someone who needs to practice a presentation, simply enter their email below and we will notify them of our Free Trial offering. Once your trial period ends, you can continue using the Erticulate platform for $20 per month, or $200 per year. Cancel anytime."

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