Sales-presentation Training Is a Neglected Problem That Is Ripe for Disruption.

Erticulate’s state-of-the-art platform allows sales reps to record themselves practicing a presentation and quickly receive feedback from their mentors. Executives with thousands of sales reps will now be able to manage corporate messaging more efficiently and effectively while also monitoring the effectiveness of sales leadership, all at scale. You can now track positive correlations between practice and profit.

Enable Your Employees to Be Better

The Erticulate Platform allows sales reps to record themselves practicing a presentation and then seamlessly route that recording to mentors for feedback and star ratings. All feedback is consolidated into one view for the presenter to easily digest. Erticulate leverages principles of gamification and social sharing to drive adoption and build community. For corporate customers, Erticulate will eventually leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to best understand our customers’ correlation between practice and sales growth.

Time to Break the Mold and Try Something New

Don’t rely on traditional expensive sales meetings to assume your sales people are getting better at sales presentations. Honing the art of stand and deliver has changed, if you’re doing it the old way, you’ll be left behind.

Erticulate disrupts traditional sales-preparation techniques by enabling mentor-driven feedback at scale within your organization. Make every presentation count.

How confident are you that your sales organization is on point with their sales presentations?

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